Who we are

It's been a real journey for us over the years to build the killer team that we are. Skalfa is united by the idea of small teams making big changes.


We are poets. We just use other languages for that.

Zaph Engineer

Kairat Engineer

Sardar Engineer

Evgeniy Engineer

Sergey Engineer


We make sure this fantastic crowd can work uninterrupted.

Emil CEO



We love to help people make informed decisions.

Natalie Sales

Tahmina Sales


We are obsessed with little big things.

Alexandra Design

Ian Design

Kirill Design

Yulka Design


We let people know how to benefit from our products and services.

Zima Marketing

Alina Marketing


Helping you. Getting other departments help us help you. Guarding the quality you got used to enjoy.

Margareth QA

Ross QA

Jane QA

Aliya QA

Core beliefs

Design must be natural. Software must be human. All the fuss should be only to solve people's needs.


For us design is something really intimate and personal, and on the other hand we believe good design must be a commodity, accessible in all forms to everybody.

This world was created beautiful, so good design is the most natural thing people can contribute back to it.


There shouldn't be things like "good code" and "bad code". Software should be like climate, colors, organic food - a matter of tastes and situation.

We are trying to create "invisible" software. The type that changes people's life in the most ergonomic way.


A good deal in making software products human is keeping some real humans at the other end.

We are passionate and idealistic about helping people, and software design is only a part of that.